A Risk-based Performance Management application for the iPad.

Strategy and Risk Studio is a unique application designed to enable strategy, risk and compliance practitioners to quickly develop and document their strategy and risk framework. The solution is based on the Risk-Based Performance Management model, which integrates best practices from popular methodologies, including the Balanced Scorecard, COSO and ISO31000.

Over time additional functionality will be added to the application and it will become available on other mobile platforms.

Strategy & Risk Studio provides a structured approach to the defining of an organisation’s strategy and risk model, based on the Risk-Based Performance Management (RBPM) approach.

Strategy & Risk Studio is like a guided tour that walks the user through the process step by step. For example, users are prompted to enter their business structure – company name, business units, departments, etc. Users can then define any or all portions of their company. Next, they add Strategic Objectives related to each of the defined business entities.

As the process continues users are prompted for items related to each new object in the model. For example, each Strategic Objective may have added to it Initiatives, KPIs and Risks. Each Risk may have added to it Controls, Risk Indicators, and so on. Each object may also have properties defined. For each Risk these would include the level of Risk Appetite and Risk Exposure.