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What is the business value of strategy execution?

Recently, I posted the following in the RBPM Group. If you have insights you wish to share, please add a comment here or join the conversation on LinkedIn. Can anyone answer the question “What is the value of strategy execution?” in tangible terms i.e what is the bottom line impact of strategic execution? What real, Read More

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Manigent Launches Global Integrated Strategy & Risk Research Project

Inviting senior business leaders to participate in crucial new research into the integrated management of risk in the strategy execution process. For the past seven years, Manigent has been at the forefront of innovative thinking in the fields of strategy execution and risk management. We have, literally, written the book on the subject. We are Read More

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2014 RMA Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme

The 2014 RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme The RMA (Risk Management Association) has been providing an advanced risk management course, aimed at senior executives up until 2012. This was a 10 day course provided by Wharton Business School. However the RMA was looking to modernise the course and put the provision of the course up Read More

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What is wrong with the Art of Strategy Execution

Dear Reader, In 1999 a Fortune magazine cover story, “Corporate Strategists under fire”, (Fortune 27 December 1982, p38), included the statement “In the  majority of cases, we estimate 70%, the real problem isn’t bad strategy, but bad execution.” This statement, along with many similar ones have graced the opening slide of many a consultant’s sales Read More

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One of the UK’s newest banks has chosen StratexPoint, a Risk-Based Performance Management application, to help grow its business

One of the UK’s newest banks has chosen StratexPoint, the latest in risk management technology, to help grow its business

StratexSystems’ latest software solution, StratexPoint, will play a key role in ensuring the successful growth and development of Aldermore Bank, a relative newcomer to the UK financial services industry.

Aldermore’s Chief Risk Officer, Steve Barry, says, “As a relatively new business we recognise that we need to continually invest and develop and we believe that by employing the StratexSystems product, StratexPoint, we will be able to improve the quality of our risk management processes which in turn will support the rest of the business in achieving our long term objectives. This product will take us from a simple automation process to an integration of strategy and risk – both of which are essential to the success of any business.”