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What is the business value of strategy execution?

Recently, I posted the following in the RBPM Group. If you have insights you wish to share, please add a comment here or join the conversation on LinkedIn. Can anyone answer the question “What is the value of strategy execution?” in tangible terms i.e what is the bottom line impact of strategic execution? What real, Read More

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2014 RMA Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme

The 2014 RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme The RMA (Risk Management Association) has been providing an advanced risk management course, aimed at senior executives up until 2012. This was a 10 day course provided by Wharton Business School. However the RMA was looking to modernise the course and put the provision of the course up Read More

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Managing with KPI’s and KRI’s – Building Better Indicators Workshop London

A practical approach to defining indicators within an integrated ERM Framework Workshop Overview Many organisations have made considerable progress in the area of enterprise and operational risk management since the financial crisis in 2007/2008. However events over the last few years have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate the need to make improvements in organisational risk Read More

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A key role of a board is…

“A key role of a board is to set the basic goals for a firm’s strategy and to ensure that they are within the agreed risk appetite. This requires that a board assure itself that a detailed consideration of risks is part of the process of considering future strategy” – The failure of the Royal Read More

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Draft whitepaper–Embedding Risk Appetite within the Strategy process

Recently I have been working on a white paper with James Creelman titled Embedding Risk Appetite within the Strategy process. While it will be available soon on the Manigent website, for readers of this blog and members of our Linkedin group, I am making a draft available. Download the paper here As always, I encourage Read More

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Corporate Strategy Made Simple

In this video, Professor Richard Rumelt of the Anderson School of Management at UCLA makes some interesting points about corporate strategy, and keeping it simple. He appears to support the thinking that strategy is basically simple; it is execution that is difficult. Professor Rumelt makes an interesting point about the effect of the ‘corporate endowment’.   

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Why are Strategy Maps Important to your Operational Risk Project?

Why is the Strategy map such a key part of the Risk-based performance methodology? Why is the Strategy map so important for the success of operational risk projects? These are two questions that we are often asked and the answer to both questions is fundamentally the same.