Key Risk Indicators

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What is the business value of risk management?

Recently, I posted the following in the RBPM LinkedIn Group. If you have insights you wish to share, please add a comment below or join the conversation on LinkedIn. Can anyone answer the question “What is the value of risk management?” in tangible terms i.e. what is the bottom line impact of risk management, specifically Read More

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We have risk management so how did we miss the event coming?

Dear Reader, It is the weekend and I have just left a risk-related discussion with a non-risk management professional (but an experienced military and business man). He showed me a local council’s risk register (he is a councillor) which was quite a ‘standard’ risk register with risks scored using a RAG approach. His question (or Read More

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Managing with KPI’s and KRI’s – Building Better Indicators Workshop London

A practical approach to defining indicators within an integrated ERM Framework Workshop Overview Many organisations have made considerable progress in the area of enterprise and operational risk management since the financial crisis in 2007/2008. However events over the last few years have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate the need to make improvements in organisational risk Read More

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KPIs, KRIs & KCIs – Are they different? If so, does it really matter?

Google the terms ‘Key Performance Indicators’, ‘Key Risk Indicators’ and ‘Key Control Indicators’ and you will accumulate 1,560,000, 390,000 and 444,000 hits respectively. Clearly there is a lot of information out there on these topics but there are two questions that we are often asked – “KPIs, KRIs, KCIs – Are they different? If so, does it really matter?