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UBS on Risk Management

Risk is our business, I can assure you, as long as I’m here, as long as my colleagues are here, we do know about risks. If things do go wrong you won’t hear us saying we didn’t know it. Oswald Grübel, UBS’s chief executive, November, 2010

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An Approach to Understanding Your Risk Management Maturity

Recently, during a Risk-based performance implementation, we were asked by our client for advice on approaches to understanding the relative maturity of their current approach to risk management, which level of maturity is right for them and how to measure maturity post implementation.

Google ‘Risk Maturity Model’ and a number of very interesting approaches will be presented. Many of these models provide the answer to the question ‘How mature is our risk management process?’ in one form or another. However, in this case, answering this single question didn’t feel sufficient as our client was seeking to do more than simply ‘tick boxes’ with this project. They were seeking to drive a business transformation.

Further research uncovered Michael Hammer’s, Process and Enterprise Maturity Model (PEMM) which

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The Future of Business Intelligence?

Analytics and the application of Business Intelligence concepts to Performance and Risk Management are fundamental to the Risk-based performance methodology; therefore we would like to share with you this short video that points to the future if BI. The potential to apply this technology to performance and risk management is very interesting. Enjoy!  

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Why are Strategy Maps Important to your Operational Risk Project?

Why is the Strategy map such a key part of the Risk-based performance methodology? Why is the Strategy map so important for the success of operational risk projects? These are two questions that we are often asked and the answer to both questions is fundamentally the same.

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Integrating Performance and Risk Management Processes – What the Risk Professionals Say

To promote discussion and debate around the integration of performance and risk management, we recently posted a very simple question in the Enterprise Risk Management Association group on Linkedin
Should organisations integrate performance and risk management?

The replies are below and I would welcome further comments/feedback.

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The British Standards Institution has recently released a new Risk Management Code of Practice – BS31100. BS 31100 is designed to provide a basis for understanding, developing, implementing and maintaining risk management within any organisation in order to enhance an organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives. This British Standard establishes the principles and terminology for Read More

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Embedding Performance and Risk Management

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing corporate performance management or risk management projects is how to embed these philosophies into the daily culture of your organisation.
Outlined below are a couple of examples of how the Risk-based performance approach can help embed corporate performance and risk management philosophies into your organisation – a topic we will return to often on this site. Here we look at issues relating to silo processes and internal control certification.

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Shaping Culture Through Interaction Between Strategy Map and Risk Map

One of the questions that we are often asked is “Does Risk-based performance help us build ‘the right’ culture? If so, how?”
The development of the right organisational culture is one of the key benefits that the Risk-based performance methodology brings and is central to its design. One of the specific aspects of the methodology – the interaction between the Strategy map and Risk map – plays a critical role in setting the tone and encouraging the development of the ‘right’ culture.

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