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2014 RMA Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme

The 2014 RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme The RMA (Risk Management Association) has been providing an advanced risk management course, aimed at senior executives up until 2012. This was a 10 day course provided by Wharton Business School. However the RMA was looking to modernise the course and put the provision of the course up Read More

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The Future of Business Intelligence?

Analytics and the application of Business Intelligence concepts to Performance and Risk Management are fundamental to the Risk-based performance methodology; therefore we would like to share with you this short video that points to the future if BI. The potential to apply this technology to performance and risk management is very interesting. Enjoy!  

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Painful Reminder – Barclays Spreadsheet Error Results in Lehman Chaos

The danger of spreadsheet errors and the risk it poses to organisations was exposed in this article.

Due to an spreadsheet related error, or should that be human error whilst in control of a spreadsheet, Barclays are at risk of having to purchase and take on the positions of approximately 179 contracts that they do not want due to a hidden column in a spreadsheet