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BS31100 – 2nd Annual Risk Management Conference and Workshop

BSi, the UK’s National Standards Body, recently announced its 2nd Annual Risk Management conference and workshop. BS31100 will be the central focus of this conference and workshop event. The event will take place from October 14-15, Grange City Hotel, London. This will be a good opportunity to learn more about the standard and network with peers. In the Read More

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Manigent Launches BS31100 Online Assessment Survey

Since the British Standards institution launched its new Risk Management Code of Practice, BS31100, Manigent has been developing services to support organisations as they seek to improve their approach to risk management and comply with the standard. One of those services is a free online Assessment survey which is designed to provide an indication of Read More

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Manigent Press Release: Risk Management or Risky Management? Announcing BS31100 Training Course

For Immediate Release:

Risk Management or Risky Management? Sign up for Manigent’s one-day course on the new BS31100 standard for the latest risk management best practice.

“Getting started with BS31100” is a one-day course designed to provide introductory training to risk management professionals and senior executives on the new Code of Practice for Risk Management – BS31100.

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BS31100 Benchmarking Group

Manigent has launched a BS31100 Benchmarking Group (BMG). The aim of the BS31100 BMG is to enable member organisations to compare their risk management practices with BS31100 and with peer organisations. Additionally, the BS31100 BMG will promote excellence in the implementation of BS31100 practices, and risk management in general. Click here for more

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Risk Reporting

In the wake of the credit crisis that has swamped both the financial services industry and the ‘real’ economy, many are seeking to understand the causes of the crisis and what steps need to be taken to move forward from it.

Whilst there have been many factors that lead to this crisis, we believe that there are two critical factors that significantly contributed to both the crisis and the recovery. These two factors are;

  1. Poor quality of management information, particularly risk related information.
  2. Failure to act appropriately on available management information.
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The British Standards Institution has recently released a new Risk Management Code of Practice – BS31100. BS 31100 is designed to provide a basis for understanding, developing, implementing and maintaining risk management within any organisation in order to enhance an organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives. This British Standard establishes the principles and terminology for Read More