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What is the business value of strategy execution?

Recently, I posted the following in the RBPM Group. If you have insights you wish to share, please add a comment here or join the conversation on LinkedIn. Can anyone answer the question “What is the value of strategy execution?” in tangible terms i.e what is the bottom line impact of strategic execution? What real, Read More

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2014 RMA Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme

The 2014 RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme The RMA (Risk Management Association) has been providing an advanced risk management course, aimed at senior executives up until 2012. This was a 10 day course provided by Wharton Business School. However the RMA was looking to modernise the course and put the provision of the course up Read More

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Presentation Available: Three Key Questions for Boards and Executives

Operational Risk & Regulation hosted a training course today, The Fundamentals of Operational Risk training Event. Our CEO & Founder, Andrew Smart lead two sessions at this event. In preparation, he prepared and makes available a presentation Three Key Questions for Boards and Executives. Please add comments below or share your comment on the Risk-Based Read More

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Five principles for creating a strategy-focused organization

Principle 1: Translate the strategy into operational terms This principle comprises two sub-components: Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards that together describe the strategy and its implementation. It is by translating strategy into the logical architecture of a Strategy Map and a Balanced Scorecard that organizations create a common, understandable point of reference for everyone. Principle Read More

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Aligning Risk Appetite and Exposure – Insight from LEGO Group

Having read you white paper on “aligning risk appetite and exposure”, I see a lot of value in this – possibly because a lot of it is rather closely linked to what we are currently implementing. A few more detailed comments: It is stated in the introduction, that the financial crisis was caused by a Read More

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Opportunities to Learn More about Risk-Based Performance

Coming up in October and November there are a number of opportunities to learn more about Risk-based performance and ‘join the debate’ about integrating performance and risk management. October 20 – Unicom Strategic Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard Forum  Risk-based performance will be the central theme of Andrew Smart’s presentation – Balanced Scorecard – Necessary Read More

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Balanced Scorecard: Necessary but not Sufficient

At Unicom’s Strategic Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard Forum, Andrew Smart presented the Risk-based performance methodology alongside a number of other Balanced Scorecard experts. The introduction to the presentation In a thought-provoking presentation, Andrew Smart, Managing Director of Manigent, questions the role of the Balanced Scorecard in a post credit crunch world and asks what role Read More

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The Future of Business Intelligence?

Analytics and the application of Business Intelligence concepts to Performance and Risk Management are fundamental to the Risk-based performance methodology; therefore we would like to share with you this short video that points to the future if BI. The potential to apply this technology to performance and risk management is very interesting. Enjoy!  

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Why are Strategy Maps Important to your Operational Risk Project?

Why is the Strategy map such a key part of the Risk-based performance methodology? Why is the Strategy map so important for the success of operational risk projects? These are two questions that we are often asked and the answer to both questions is fundamentally the same.