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Manigent Launches Global Integrated Strategy & Risk Research Project

Inviting senior business leaders to participate in crucial new research into the integrated management of risk in the strategy execution process.

For the past seven years, Manigent has been at the forefront of innovative thinking in the fields of strategy execution and risk management. We have, literally, written the book on the subject.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently launched a global research project which follows on from our ground-breaking study which led to the creation of Risk Based Performance Management, an integrated strategic management framework that has helped many businesses move beyond compliance to enhancing their capital position and credit ratings.

Integrating Risk Management into the Strategy Execution process is proven to reduce operational losses, improve capital position and lower the cost of borrowing through enhancing risk ratings. With growth and risk-taking coming back on the agenda it is paramount that businesses manage risk more effectively, avoiding costly surprises and ultimately enhancing performance.
This research project aims to explore current practices in three core areas:

  1. Integrating risk into strategy and operational decision-making.
  2. Utilising risk appetite as a board level management and control tool.
  3. How lessons from the credit crunch have been applied in decision-making culture.

This research project follows the recent release of our book Risk-Based Performance Management, integrating strategy and risk, written by Manigent’s CEO, Andrew Smart
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As a senior business leader, we would be delighted if you could spend 15 minutes to complete this survey or take part in an interview-based discussion.

To recognise your contribution to this research you will receive a free copy of both the interim and final reports. Interviewees will additionally receive a complimentary place at the Research Findings event and a free board briefing of the findings, where you can ask questions related to your own firm.

A detailed project outline can be found here:

If you have questions related to this research, contact:  | 07887 767204 | 07795 196283