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The RBPM Book is Now Available at all Good Stockists

We are very pleased to announce that the Risk-Based Performance Management book is now available to the public at most good stockists in both hardcover & e-book formats.

You can order and/or download it from Amazon HERE or directly from Palgrave Macmillan HERE

The book’s description: “The world of business has undergone unparalleled change in recent years as a result of dramatic social, economic and political events. Senior managers are faced with a business landscape that bears little resemblance to the world in which they began their careers and are challenged with more risks than ever before.

A new model for management in a new time, this book introduces the Risk-Based Performance Management methodology. This pioneering and practical framework enables senior management to understand, manage and control the risks facing their organisations while exploiting emerging opportunities to gain and maintain competitive advantage. By establishing the wider context of change within business, from the Credit Crunch, the upheaval of the Arab Spring, the uncertainty created by the Eurozone Crisis and the increasing global influence of social media, the authors explain how and why a revolution is taking place in how organisations are structured, regulated and go to market. This results-focused guide to embedding risk management into strategic and operational decision-making gives executive teams the tools to align their risk-taking to strategy, enabling them to drive sustainable success while operating within appetite.”