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Manigent Events: Executive Briefings & Workshops

Integrating Risk Management & The Balanced Scorecard 

Manigent, a Strategy and Risk Management specialist, is pleased to announce a series of workshops and executive briefings in London, RiyadhDoha, and Dubai.

These events are focused on providing an opportunity to bring professionals working in the fields of strategy and risk management to share the latest thinking on how these two management disciplines can be integrated to provide a more robust strategy execution framework.

The workshops and executive briefings will be based on the Risk-Based Performance Management methodology developed by the event’s leader, Andrew Smart [Pre-order his upcoming RBPM book on Amazon].

Event Objectives:

  • To gain an understanding of the Risk-Based Performance Management methodology.
  • To develop an understanding of risk appetite & a clear, actionable framework for defining risk appetite.
  • To understand the relationship between strategic objectives, risk appetite and risk exposure, and tools for managing this relationship.
  • To understand the role of strategic objectives and key risks, how to define, integrate and align these.
  • To understand the role of initiatives and actions, and how they are aligned to drive your complete change agenda.
  • To understand the role of risk and control assessment, and key indicators and how assessment and indicator data can be used together to drive better decision-making.
  • To gain a detailed understanding of the Risk-Based Performance Management implementation roadmap
  • To gain an understanding of the Risk-Based Performance Management Maturity Model and how it can be used before, during and after implementation of a new strategy and risk framework.

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Event Dates:

London: March 25th – 26th

Riyadh: April 27th

Doha: April 28th

Dubai: April 29th – May 1st


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About Risk-Based Performance Management

Risk-Based Performance Management (RBPM) is a strategic management methodology that integrates enterprise strategy, performance and risk management to enable organisations to align risk-taking to strategy to drive sustainable strategic execution. The RBPM methodology is designed to place risk management and specifically, risk appetite at the core of organisational strategy execution.

Building on existing management frameworks, such as the Balanced Scorecard, COSO and ISO31000 frameworks, RBPM developed as a result of a series of engagements completed with clients in the UK financial services industry in 2006/07. The methodology was further refined during a year-long academic research project involving 21 financial services organisations in the city of London.

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