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Risk Based Performance Management: KRI & KPI Workshop 2012

Nov 20-21: KRIs

Nov 22nd: RBPM

Workshop Overview:


One area of weakness which is a main challenge for many organisations is about indictors, specifically  developing and managing with Key Risk indicators (KRIs). KRIs have a vital role to play in monitoring  and managing risk exposure within any organisation, and should be developed and deployed in the  context of a wider indicator suite which includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Control  Indicators (KCIs).

This interactive workshop will provide attendees with a deep understanding of developing and managing  with Key Risk Indicators. We will start by providing an overarching management framework which integrated strategy execution and risk management. We will then move to clarify the role of KRIs, alongside KPIs and KCIs.

After the workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify and specify an indicator and integrate it within your risk management framework
  • Choose the right indicators to anticipate a potential problem before it occurs
  • Embrace indicators as an effective management tool
  • Collect the right information and work with effective indicators
  • Determine the measures in selecting KRIs that offer insights into future loss events
  • Comprehend the methods and strategies to use KRIs efficiently
  • Master the skill to learn how to avoid useless information
  • Learn how to avoid subjectivity in Operational Risk reporting
  • Explore new frontiers of working with KRIs
  • Improve returns as a result of monitoring KRIs


To effectively manage and monitor the relationship between risk appetite and risk exposure, thus driving  strategic execution, organisations need to move beyond traditional, siloed performance and risk management approaches and instead take an integrated and aligned approach.

By attending this one-day interactive workshop, attendees will gain insights into the Risk-Based  Performance Management methodology. This methodology, which builds on the Balanced Scorecard and COSO frameworks, provides a proven approach to managing and monitoring strategic objectives, their risk appetite and risk exposure.


  • To gain a conceptual understanding of the Risk-Based Performance Management methodology
  • To understand the relationship between strategic objectives, risk appetite and risk exposure, and tools for managing this relationship
  • To understand the role of strategic objectives and key risks, how to define, integrate and align these
  • To understand the three different types of key indicators, KPIs, KRIs and KCIs, how to define and apply these

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is recommended for Executives, Managers, Planners and Analysts who are seeking the best practical ideas in improving strategic execution,  and in particular, in integrating and aligning corporate performance and risk management processes.

Date & Location

The Risk-Based Performance Management workshop will be held between Nov 20-22, 2012 in Thailand, Bangkok at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel. To register your interest in this event, please provide your contact information here: Bangkok Event Page.