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Risk-Based Performance Management for the iPad

This week has seen the launch of the first Risk-Based Performance Management iPad application – Strategy & Risk Studio. Developed by Strategy and Risk Management consultancy, Manigent, the application is designed for consultants and professionals using the RBPM methodology, and enables them to quickly design and develop integrated strategy and risk management framework. The application will also enable professionals working within the performance and/or risk management fields to engage with the RBPM approach.  

Strategy & Risk Studio enables users to design and define an organisation’s strategy and risk framework, alongside the option to develop performance management and enterprise risk management models. The tool integrates best practices from popular methodologies, commonly used within the RBPM approach, including the Balanced Scorecard, COSO and ISO31000.

Strategy & Risk Studio is designed to be used in one-to-one or group meetings and workshop situations which are undertaken as part of the process of defining a strategy, performance or risk management model. It provides step-by-step guidance on the definition of a best practice model, enabling the model to be defined, documented and shared collaboratively.

In addition to simply designing Strategy and Risk Management models, the Strategy & Risk Studio also provides a simple risk and controls assessment capability and the option to enter indicator data and score indicators using a RAG approach. Three indicators types are supported by the app, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Key Control Indicators (KCIs). Strategy & Risk Studio can also be used to replace cumbersome spreadsheet based risk and controls matrixes or spreadsheet scorecards.

Strategy & Risk Studio is available to download from the Apple store now for just $25 (US). To learn more visit  

To download directly onto your iPad click here.