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Integrating Strategy and Risk Management


Andrew Smart | James Creelman

Accepting and managing risk is necessary for success, but how much risk can an organization take before it becomes unstable? Our book shows how risk can be managed as part of business strategy. Pulling together into a single framework the two separate disciplines of strategy management and risk management, this book provides a practical guide for organizations to shape and execute sustainable strategies with full understanding of how much risk they are willing to accept in pursuit of strategic goals.


The book is available from Amazon and Palgrave Macmillan.


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Manigent Launches Global Integrated Strategy & Risk Research Project

Inviting senior business leaders to participate in crucial new research into the integrated management of risk in the strategy execution process. For the past seven years, Manigent has been at the forefront of innovative thinking in the fields of strategy execution and risk management. We have, literally, written the book on the subject. We are Read More


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2014 RMA Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme

The 2014 RMA/Cass Advanced Risk Management Programme The RMA (Risk Management Association) has been providing an advanced risk management course, aimed at senior executives up until 2012. This was a 10 day course provided by Wharton Business School. However the RMA was looking to modernise the course and put the provision of the course up Read More


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Risk-Based Performance Management Webinar

Introduction to Risk-Based Performance Management Webinar   6th February 2014 Webinar Overview: To effectively streamline management and regulatory reporting, organisations need to adopt an integrated framework, which covers strategy (performance management), Risk & Compliance. By attending this webinar, attendees will gain insights into the Risk-Based Performance Management methodology. This methodology, which builds on, and integrates Read More


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A collective failure of imagination

The failure to foresee the timing, extent and severity of the crisis and to head it off, while it had many causes, was principally a failure of the collective imagination of many bright people, both in this country and internationally,to understand the risks to the system as a whole. The British Academy on the causes Read More

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The RBPM Book is Now Available at all Good Stockists

We are very pleased to announce that the Risk-Based Performance Management book is now available to the public at most good stockists in both hardcover & e-book formats. You can order and/or download it from Amazon HERE or directly from Palgrave Macmillan HERE The book’s description: “The world of business has undergone¬†unparalleled change in recent Read More