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Integrating Strategy and Risk Management


Andrew Smart | James Creelman

Accepting and managing risk is necessary for success, but how much risk can an organization take before it becomes unstable? Our book shows how risk can be managed as part of business strategy. Pulling together into a single framework the two separate disciplines of strategy management and risk management, this book provides a practical guide for organizations to shape and execute sustainable strategies with full understanding of how much risk they are willing to accept in pursuit of strategic goals.


The book is available from Amazon and Palgrave Macmillan.

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Reflecting on the Kevin Pietersen situation

So, Kevin Pietersen is not wanted by English Cricket – remarkable. Leaving aside the cricketing merits of Pietersen, I wonder how many firms out there would make the same decision and, if so, what that tells us about the value of the ‘right culture’. One of the disciplines within the Risk-Based Performance Management methodology is Read More


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Risk Appetite establishes clear boundaries

By defining a clear statement of risk appetite, the board and executive can establish clear boundaries within which the organization can execute the strategy and manage risk. It also provides the foundation for cascading the strategy and risk management disciplines through the organization, thus shaping the organization culture. Read more in the Risk-Based Performance Management Read More


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Last chance to attend the Risk-Based Performance Management (RBPM) book launch

The Risk-Based Performance Management (RBPM) book will be launched tonight in London. Register now at to attend.


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Probably the biggest intellectual failure of boards, regulators and shareholders

“The failure to properly evaluate and challenge risk of overall business strategies was probably the biggest intellectual failure of boards, regulators and shareholders.” Lord Turner, Chairman of the UK’s Financial Services Authority. Read more in the Risk-Based Performance Management book #RBPM


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Commercial banks may be less vulnerable today to credit or economic shocks…

There is growing recognition that the dispersion of credit risk by banks to a broader and more diverse group of investors, rather than warehousing such risk on their balance sheets, has helped make the banking and overall financial system more resilient. The improved resilience may be seen in fewer bank failures and more consistent credit Read More